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Pala Surgicals
Posted On: 20/06/20 19:10
Wheelchairs Suppliers in Kottayam, Pala - Pala Surgicals


Dealer of Karma Wheelchairs in Pala Kottayam
Pala Suricals offers Wheelchairs

Karma transfer wheelchair series is designed to allows easy transfer in and out of chair. The award-winning S-ergo 125 is one of the lightest and comfortable chair in the market.

Loss of Mobility with Good Trunk Control
Manual Wheelchair Transfer
Power Wheelchair Standard

Loss of Mobility with Partial Trunk Control
Positioning Manual Wheelchair
Positioning Power Wheelchair

Custom-made Wheelchairs
Active Wheelchair
Pediatric / Others



Pala Surgicals

Mob:   94476 13415
Off  :   04822 213415 / 82818 50415 / 96055 56600



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